When you are looking for a hard wearing, long lasting solution for an area around the home or business, block paving could be the perfect answer. It is suitable for many areas including driveways and patio areas and will provide the user with many years of reliable service. Gorgeous landscapes can be created by the firms that offer block paving Yorkshire home owners will be delighted with.

As well as offering the user a product that will withstand a lot of use, block paving can also be used a way of adding a decorative feature to a property. It will look wonderful when used in a residential setting as a path or driveway. The durability of the product makes it ideal for use in commercial areas including shopping malls and car parks. There are many styles and colour options available so it can be coordinated with the existing surroundings.

There are many ways that block paving can be used to enhance outdoor areas around the home or business. For outdoor relaxation and dining, beautiful patio areas can be created that will give the user lots of pleasure while entertaining guests. With a wide variety of colours and designs there is a suitable option for enhancing any area of the home or business.

Block paving can also be used for driveways and footpaths, offering a more attractive alternative to plain tarmac. The durability, ability to support heavy weights, and ease of repair make block paving an increasingly popular choice for driveways. They can be used in conjunction with tarmac or used on their own, depending on your preferences and surface needs.

To create a block paving area, individual concrete blocks are set out on a bed of concrete or sand. The spaces in between the blocks are then filled with either fine sand or with concrete. The use of the paved are will determine which of the fillers is used to give either a flexible or rigid area.

Block paving can be used to create a vast range of different patterns and designs. The various colours and block sizes make designing the perfect patio or driveway simple. Whether a simple layout or a more complex design is required there is no end to the possibilities of designs that can be achieved by Creative Landscapes for homes in Yorkshire.

There are various types of stones that can be used by Creative Landscapes to make the perfect patio or driveway. New Indian stone and York stone are just two of the many options available. For a more contemporary look the options available include granite and slate. Creative Landscapes can achieve a beautiful block paving area for your Yorkshire property whichever product you choose.

Our customers can rest assured that the quality of materials and work will be of an exceptional standard. Creative Landscapes aims to provide customers with a product that they are happy with and will be easy to maintain for many years to come. We are always open to suggestions and ideas from customers and we aim to provide the customer with a service they are more than satisfied with. We will provide a no obligation quote and when you decide to go ahead and have the work carried out, you will be provided with a professional service which will create as the minimum of disruption for you.

Creative Landscapes can be relied upon to offer the Yorkshire home owner with a decorative and durable product which will enhance their property for many years to come. For an easy to maintain outdoor area, block paving can provide you with an area that is easy to care for and easily fixed should it become damaged. The beauty of the product is that if it does become damage, it is not necessary to replace the whole area but simply remove the damaged blocks and replace them.